Getting started


This extension provides functionality to define traceable items and relationships between them in documentation generated by Sphinx. It also offers visualization of the traceables in various forms, such as relationship graphs.

More information is available here:

As the original package ( seems to be unmaintained, I updated it so it is compatible with python3 and Sphinx >= 2.1. Thanks to t4ngo for the great extension and to rexut for the upgrade to python3.


Install this package using pip install sphinxcontrib-traceables, or from source using python install. Then add it to your project’s Sphinx configuration file

extensions = ['sphinxcontrib-traceables']

Minimal example

In your project’s documentation, you can define a new traceable as shown below. Note that the tag LOREM-IPSUM given to the traceable should be unique throughout the documentation, because it is used to reference the traceable.

.. traceable:: LOREM-IPSUM
   :title: Lorem ipsum

   Lorem ipsum dolor sit...

The traceable defined above can be referenced in line as follows:

Lorem ipsum :traceable:`LOREM-IPSUM` dolor sit...

See Usage for more information about this and more functionality provided by this extension.

See the example directory (available on GitHub) within this extension’s source code for a complete Sphinx project demonstrating various features provided by this extension.